Thursday, July 06, 2017

Poem By Elcypher_Stammerer's Pledge

Stammerer's Pledge

What harbours his mighty stomach?
That he needs erupt like volcano...
Ah! What tale needs escape his glued tongue?
That he strains the ninth of his neck veins
Is it because 'Akinlambi' is a four syllabic name?
That he gallops into staccato of words...

Eledumare gba wa ooo...
His own name drowns in the pool of saliva
Even he stutters to call on Mama
I can't recall particularly
How many bridges his tongue crossed
To yell Ba-ba-ba-ba (father) out of fury.

Enmo ree! (This is wonder!)
Who'll save him from this curse?
For, he sinks in a silent noise to explain himself
His breaths pause and hearken
to the law of quietude...
But, he has a plea–
Yes, he pledges:

'Who bids hearing to the stick
Without the gonging drum's cheeks?
Who waits by the roadside
listening to a soundless trumpet?

But, that's me...

A stat-ta-ma-mar with thousand
manifolds of thoughts
A blunt, blotted pencil
stuck around the circle.

O, that's me!
A thunder devoid of rumbling echoes
That, when every gentleman speaks
They trespass against my willing tongue
And cast stones of jesting words.

Ah, emi nu u O, that's me!
When Omidan (maidens) conspire
To bastardize me
They slap insults in my curious face
And ask me to speak in tongue...
Like a possessed Paito (Pastor)

But, dare give me an empty tunnel
Through which my lips' furnace
Could pour cooked phrases
And, I would bespeak why:
Aja fi n le'koko (dog races fox)

Dare untie my twisted tongue
And, I would tell tales of
Adele's brideless house

Dare listen to my chapped lips
To hear why the village head
is crownless
Maybe, that's why Adedaa (Creator)
Forgot to sharpen my tongue
For the world's secret rest beneath it.

el cypher

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