Tuesday, July 04, 2017



Miracle is by many features similar to magic. Both have happened to us, but magic is more common because it's a human effort to make the magician a god. One who wins a heart by magic knows not the treasure (miracle) in his words. Magic is likened to the movies we watch for its behind-the-scene devices to spring emotions. Both are illusions of reality. Apart from the fact that religions frown against magic, I personally detest magic because I realized it weakens a hero being overdependent on it. It seeks to govern your belief and it conversely fails in the long run.
What about Miracle? Many people believe in miracle that, they associate anything that happens beyond expectation to miracle. We all have said or heard that 'God works in a miraculous way or God works miraculously'. Yes, He does yet you shouldn't build your castle of hope waiting for Miracle to actualize your dream. Nothing indeed works or happens in isolation, if God had worked miracles for you, how often? I hold a fact to heart that, the Miracles God work for us are those we have once prayed and worked for, but two things make the success miraculous:
I  Whether it happens so quick or
2 It happens when it's least expected.

The first reason is because, being humans, we don't believe in quick success even if promised. We have reshaped our thoughts about the achievable things. Yoruba tribe has this pray: May we eat bones before meat.
You can imagine how least we expect success from our toil.
Let's think about the second reason, we call it miracle when our prayers are answered later, most of the times we least expect them.
Why then do we believe in Miracle–because we are ignorant of how prayers work. You pray to God to bless you with a car, but your wages and salaries, if estimated for a year is no way to purchase one. What you expect is Miracle and you've concluded you'd have to wait till a certain time or position at work when your salary would have elevated. But, how miraculously you would be caught when after a week of your prayer, you opened your door to receive a visitor who offers a hand of friendship and hands you a key to the car of your dream? Isn't this an instance of Miracle? Why miracle, because you didn't expect it to happen so fast. Help God to understand how miracle works. Instead of calling some occurrences miracles, I believe they're prayers answered and wishes granted.
Being a Selfolutionist, you need to detach yourself from miracle. Learn how miracle works and you'd be able to work some for yourself.


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