Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sonnet ( IV ) By Elcypher

Verse 004
What Shall (No More) Be.

If, for righteousness sake,
I am right on this path;
Forsaking the true humanity within me.
What shall be left and wrong
when no more I am?

If, for perfection's stead,
I am flawless on this floor;
Forgiving the curiousness of being so folly,
What shall be deflected or defected
when no more I am?

If, for truthfulness 'vantage,
I am loyal for royalty;
Forgoing the vicious pleasure of common plea,
What shall belie and decry
when no more I am?

If, for armistices pride,
I am peaceful on war terms;
Forebearing the crisis for 'cries to cease',
What shall be harm or warm
when no more I am?

If, for goodness ever to thrive,
I am pious in this stance;
Forging the devilish self to crumble still,
What shall be the fate of yets* to come
When no more I am?

• yets*: the poet's choice of word for things that are yet to come (future), and all that shall cease to be afterwards.
Much as we strive to achieve all earthly good for certain sakes(religion, perfection, justice etc), much as we ponder to right the wrong for significant stakes, we are yet to know what shall be the fate of things to come(yets), even after we might have led a godly life and depart this temporary home of Man.

They always say: "Do your best and leave the rest."
I say: Live your best and Due the rest.

el cypher.

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