Monday, July 10, 2017

Thoughts: Pseudo Belief

~•It is rather sane to question our acceptability of facts, superstitions and basic beliefs nature enforced on us, for, none but us constitute major part of what makes nature a partially perfect work done. Often times, when I exercise my hands to ascertain various,  daily inevitable courses, I still notice some preference, bias and partial distinction between both hands; right and left hands. This is a common phenomenon...a common experience to us all, but we ignore the notion just because infancy or childhood claimed our  maturity.
Thus, we deny the other (left) hand its 'right' to various  activities... Isn't this enough a basis for our bias borne out of ignorance?

In the name of righteousness, we tend to choose names to fix and refix unbroken lines of nature, redraw and reconstruct perfected structures and in this wise, we choose right hand over the left.

It is baffling though, that we tend not to choose the right nostril over the left to breathe or right leg over the other.
This reasoning unveils how shameless we are addicted to seeming natural pseudo beliefs (superstitions) even in our chosen faiths...righteousness is a falsified fact. Nature remains in its truest composure without our whimsical intervention of word weapons. We have in countless occasions killed nature and disrobe her of her prime.•~

el cypher

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