Wednesday, July 19, 2017

White Man's Wisdom

White Man's Wisdom.

'Rotimi! Rotimi! Rotimi...'
He called repeatedly.
'Yes sir, I'm coming', I answered faintly from the backyard and hastened to meet him. I couldn't believe Dad was having a visitor.
I was filled with joy to see him again though.
'He must have come with a new saga this time around', I thought to myself.
 I greeted him honourably in a humble doff while he rose me back up.
'How are you, Rotimi?' he asked as he sat down.
'I'm fine sir, it's been a while sir' I replied.
'Yes, I have been hurled down with work, you know I hardly have time to spare except for public holidays like this or when I'm on a vacation...', he gently pat me as he said before I cut in as though a longing memory flashed in,
'Oh, you remind me sir, today is October 1st...' He broke in quickly,
'It is, and that's why I'm here now to celebrate our Fatherland at 56'.
Ummm, the statement kept on echoing at the walls of my mind, fatherland at 56 and a thought interrupted my mind, I couldn't withdraw it when I asked 'Our fatherland is old sir, 56 years of age, I wonder how wrinkled it would look at 100.'
Dad grimaced and bust into laughter only to have caught his friend wondering, maybe at my comment.
'But, that's not so funny, even though it seems...Well, Rotimi, our fatherland is older than 56, its age I can't tell precisely but being 56 today is just the white men's wisdom devised to remind us of the day we barged independence, I never thought of this but, isn't that ridiculous enough?' He retorted in a sombre spirit too obvious to read some lines in his face.
He grasped my wrist, 'you know, white men revere every occurrence worthy or not, the fact being that it's all the ways white men's wisdom behind our ordeal.'
I ruminated on his assertion, what the heck is white men's wisdom, haven't we wisdom or common wit as well?
'Sir, as though I was ready to war the white fangs, 'what wisdom do we have to be boast of, aren't  there any at all?'
He grinned, looked thinly relaxed as he said
'I know where you are driving me to, Africa is Africa, we're blessed sincerely. Just that the common White men's wisdom surpass our African Science...' I cut in sharply,
'African wharrrrrrr...t? '
'African science, let me take a nap and I shall tell you more.'

El Cypher.
PenMind Story Weekend.

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